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amity Marketing Automation
Customer Success Story


The Customer

Every year 10 million passengers travel with the comfortable travel coaches of Eurolines. The route network includes more than 700 destinations in 32 countries. The longest route is from Moscow to Lisbon – covering around 4500 kilometres. The long-distance coaches of Eurolines, which are indeed worthy of their name, connect the whole of Europe. The founding member of the long-distance coach provider is Deutsche Touring GmbH, which can look back on almost 70 years of experience in coach travel.

The Challenge

Eurolines approach was to engage customers and prospects in order to increase sales and customer loyality. Therefore an automatic response channel should be set up that generates a permanent customer feedback. This channel should be complemented with targeted email campaigns. A big challenge was managing of different subsidiaries and languages within the corporation. Additionaly, a must-have was the seamless integration of the existing booking engine.

The Solution

Eurolines decided to look for a marketing automation platform, with several goals in min: Increasing sales and generating customer feedback. After a evaluation of three competing products, Eurolines decided to start a 3 month pilot evaluations of amity. Installation and training went smoothly. At the end of three days of training, the users were very comfortable using the software.


The Result

After only six months, Touring has already seen success from its efforts. By implementing responsive templates and personalized journeys, email open rates have grown from 33.4% to 44%, and click-through rates have grown from 2.1% to 7.6%. The set-up time to create highly-personalizes email campaigns has decreased 60%.
Survey responses are recorded anonymously as an ongoing process - so Touring has always an up-to-date view into customer satisfaction.