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Email Newsletters - Features

Design Campaigns that inspire Action.


Intuitive Email Builder

Build professional and responsive emails quickly using our easy, visual editor. It's one of the simplest, most intuitive email builders on the market. They make it easy for anyone to build email campaigns without having to be a computer whiz.

Inbox Preview

Making sure your emails look beautiful across all devices, email clients, and browsers is hard work if you don’t have a way to preview your design before you send them. amity allows you to preview your email campaigns across 60 plus desktop, mobile, and webmail clients instantly.


Dynamic Content

Dynamic email content is where you use what you know about your subscribers to show more relevant content to them. This technique opens the door to sending highly targeted, relevant information to different types of subscribers – all through a single email campaign.

Drag & Drop Segmentation

Drag and drop segmentation provides a simple way for segmenting subscribers to send targeted and relevant messages. Save filters and re-use whenever you need them. No need to duplicate efforts.


Social Media Integration

Social media integration is an essential part of email marketing, and it's incredibly easy with amity. There are many social media tie ins that can greatly extend the reach of your email campaigns.

Email Campaign Reporting

Track everything from open rates to sales with a few clicks. With the amity reporting feature you’ll be able to understand more about your campaigns. Learn what’s working and what isn’t so you you can deliver awesome content to the right audience.

Contact Management

  • Create web forms to capture more leads
  • Allow social sharing of single articles
  • Custom contact fields - including individual select menus
  • Consolidate all your contacts, leads, and customers into one place, and then sort them by group and sales stage
  • Ultra fast import and export of contact data

Campaign Design

  • Easy, visual editor
  • Inbox delivery test
  • Inbox previews
  • Pre-defined processes for newsletter subscribes / unsubscribes
  • Supporting HTML, plain text and multi-part MIME
  • Automatic image scaling
  • Spell checker
  • Integration of personalized QR / barcodes or coupon codes

Additional Features

  • Easy creation of completely aligned sales and marketing processes
  • Trigger based mails (e.g. birthday email)
  • Automatic notification of specific end-user interactions
  • Embedding of images in emails
  • The web-based system lets you access what you need, whenever you need it

  • Whitelabel user interface (static customization based on your CI)
  • Dynamic customizations that occur at run-time based on user preferences
  • Landing page editor and publishing
  • User interface in English and German
  • Live View: A dedicated panel gives you control of the current status of all campaigns and processes in real time
  • A/B testing, REST API, dynamic content, third party campaign tracking (e.g. eTracker, Google Analytics)