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Lead Management Features

More qualified Leads with limited Budget.


Never miss a Lead again

Collect prospect and client information with totally customizable and personalized web forms and landing pages that you can put anywhere: on your website, your blog, or anywhere else. amity allow you to identify and track your visitors giving you page by page history of each contact's interaction with your site.


Smart, simple Workflows

amity gives you the tools to quickly and easily set up strategic campaigns that deploy automatically based on your pre-programmed rules. From simple messages, user notfications or to highly sophisticated campaigns, amity automated programs allow you to use conditional “if-then” logic to trigger the next step in a campaign. You can set rules to automatically trigger emails, sync lists, and update data fields.

Effective Welcome Series

Building brand loyalty begins with your first interaction with new contacts. The welcome series gives you control of how new newsletter subscribers get acquainted to your brand. By sending at least three welcome emails over a set time period, you can maximize engagement opportunities with your business. So let's strike while the iron is hot!

Additional Features

  • Custom lead reports
  • Responsive templates based on your CI


  • Personalized emails, web forms and landing pages
  • Survey integration