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amity Marketing Automation Software
Turn Your Website into a
Sales Machine.

amity helps streamline the way you market to new customers by automating lead capture and follow-up. Trigger personalized communications based on email sends, opens, clicks and form submissions, so you know messages will be timely and relevant to customers' needs.

  • Email Newsletters: Quickly create and send beautiful email newsletters that will deliver automatically.
  • Event Management: Create online events that will attract your target audience and engage your customers..
  • Online Surveys: Launch online surveys to collect responses in an easy, fast and reliable way.
  • Lead Management: Automate your lead management and ensure not even a single sales inquiry received is wasted.
  • Retargeting: Launch retargeting campaigns to reach those who visited your site but have yet to make a purchase.
  • Email Series: Create email series that will help to educate as well as presell your audience about your product.

Email Newsletters

amity allows you to send beautiful personalized messages that look great on any device: unconstrained creative power and user-friendly technology.

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Event Management

Create, manage, and host unlimited events simultaneously with one account. Send event invitations to your contacts based on mobile ready email templates.

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Highlighted Features

amity turns usual marketers into revenue-generating superheros. Here are just 6 reasons why you need this tool to drive real results.

  • Multitenancy
  • Multi language support
  • No plugins needed
  • Landing Page Editor
  • Dynamic content
  • CRM integration with seamless connections
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