Dialogue 1

Lead Management Benefits

Boosting Sales the smart Way


Intuitive Email and Landing Page Builder

Build professional and responsive emails, web forms and laning pages quickly using our easy, visual editor. They make it easy for anyone to build email campaigns without having to be a computer whiz.

Combining Events and Lead Management

Double your marketing effectiveness by combining events and lead management. amity helps you to create custom sales processes that will convert event attendees to customers.

Automate Key Processes

With amity, you can point, click, drag, and drop your way to a well-built marketing machine. Set up lead nurturing, segment lists, score and distribute leads, and trigger offers when someone performs a specific action.

Custom Workflows and Logic

Send automatic alerts to sales in real-time when a lead visits a webpage or engages with a sales email. Give your sales team the insight they need to close deals sooner.

Boost Sales with Discount Codes

Use personalized email discount codes to customers based on specific interactions or time passed since last visit. amity can help you automate your essential marketing programs, so you can say hello to increased performance, lower costs, and higher sales.

Free Consulting and Support Service

Take advantage of high-quality support services with quick response times. Whether you need custom design, strategy advice or just someone to step in and do it for you, dialogue1’s smart and freakishly helpful team can step right in.

Additional Benefits

  • Customer approved - no beta software
  • Landing page and web form editor
  • Continuous release updates


  • Made in Germany
  • Hosting in the EU
  • User´s Guide available in English and German