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We take Data Secxxxxx serious.

Sleep well knowing your data is safe with us: Many of our customers (banks, insurance companies, market researchers) demand the highest levels of data security, and have tested our services to ensure that it meets or exceeds their standards. We receive high praise regarding our industry-best security procedures and policies.


Secure Web Hosting

  • Customer data are stored in a specific location; data does not float around in the “cloud.” In addition, all data are processed in that location, and are not moved to another jurisdictional area. In other words, if data are collected in the EU, all data are processed in the EU.
  • The data center is watched 24/7 by security guards. Additionally, all sensitive areas are monitored by cameras. And to assure that no unauthorized persons get near the servers, a modern access control system has been installed.

Secure Software

  • Using state of the art technology
  • Dedicated login pages for every customer - optionally having IP address restrictions
  • SSL protection
  • Database encryption
  • Using strong passwords only
  • 24/7 monitoring of software and hardware
  • RAID data recovery service
  • Additional database backups every 24 hours